13% rise in sales

Elevator transformed the market facing front of the company – from what looked like a back yard operation to look a million dollars – we passed the competition in 12 months and they still have their mouths open! Elevator has the goods to transform your business.

Adam Carney CEO - Airfoil Manufacturing


Airfoil Manufacturing is Australia’s largest manufacturer of air distribution accessories, and have a great proposition for the market. But they but didn’t have a marketing department so a 30M dollar company looked like a backyard operation. Their website and catalogue were dated and the message didn’t match the company. The opportunity was to re-brand the whole company to match the image of where the company was going, national. Elevator had the opportunity to create a whole marketing arm of Airfoil across traditional and digital platforms.


Elevator worked closely with the Managing Director to workshop areas in the marketing that needed fast attention. As we developed the new assets that would make the biggest impact on the business, we worked on a longer term strategy to raise Airfoil to the top of the industry. The whole brand would be revamped over an 18 month period concentrating on sales collateral, both printed and digital. Once that was completed, Hubspot would be installed and a complete an inbound marketing sales funnel would be developed. This would interface with the installation and training on the Hubspot Sales CRM.


The 18 month branding and website rollout is now complete. Website visits increased 35% and sales have increased 13% compared to the previous year. The second phase of inbound and sales integration is underway.

Creative Assets

See company website: Airfoil Manufacturing